ETIAS Europe- How Will Europe Benefit From ETIAS?

European Travel Information and Authorization System or ETIAS, in short, is an electronic visa system that the European Commission plans to implement by 2021. It will work in the same way as the ESTA program used in the USA. This system is only for those travelers from nationalities allowed to enter Schengen member states without a visa.

Travelers from these nationalities will be required to provide information about their identity and travel plans on the ETIAS application. The application will be reviewed and applicants will receive their authorization a few minutes after applying. ETIAS has many benefits to offer. So without further ado, here are the major benefits of ETIAS Europe:

Saves Time

This is due to the fact that ETIAS will improve and streamline border management and a traveler will be able to pass immigration control fast. In addition, it will save time for travelers since the application times and procedures will be reduced. It will also save time for border officers as they will deal with pre-screened travelers.

Improved Safety

With ETIAS, it will be easier to fight against criminal activities and terrorism as this system will coordinate with major security databases and ensure that criminals and terrorists will be denied entry into countries within EU borders. This will ensure safe travels in EU countries.

Will Drastically Reduce Illegal Migration

ETIAS travel authorization will prevent illegal immigration since a person will only enter the EU if he or she has an ETIAS travel authorization. This will be beneficial considering the fact that European countries especially southern European countries are experiencing an illegal migration problem.

Better Border Management

ETIAS Europe will help countries in the EU manage their borders more efficiently since their systems will coordinate with other major systems worldwide. It will make it easy for border officials to focus on security issues while encouraging tourism.