Top 5 Unusual Attractions You Should Visit In Texas

For those who want to see attractions other than the usual tourist spots, Texas offers a lot of unique activities you can try. Using visa esta, you can explore the beauty of eccentric Texan places.


#1: Museum Of The Weird

Dime museums back then showcased exotic and weird-looking animals sewn together for the entertainment of many. Steve Busti continues the tradition of these kinds of museums by displaying the same type of attractions you would see in the 1920s era. After seeing the displays, you will then proceed to the Wax Museum, explore the Minnesota Iceman exhibit, and the theater where a live show awaits you.

#2: Cathedral Of Junk

From the name itself, the place is full of scraps and thrown away items that are bundled to make the overall structure. Vince Hannemann started this project back in 1989 when he needed scraps for a project. He decided to make something of all the items he had. But because of neighbors filing complaints about the safety of the structure, visiting the Cathedral Of Junk requires booking an appointment at 512-299-7413.

#3: Uncommon Objects

Founded by Steve Weiman, this eccentric antique store has different unusual items for you to purchase. Somewhat like a bazaar, this emporium has twenty-four sellers inside. From costumes to jewelry, or even antlers you can display on your wall, this place is full of nostalgic, uncommon objects.

#4: Royse City Futuro House

In the late 1960s, Matti Suuronen designed houses that are cheap and easy to install anywhere. Unfortunately, of the fifty creations, only one remained because locals seemed to find the designs weird and unusual. Some art enthusiasts fought to preserve these creations (and they did with some pieces displayed in their homes). Unfortunately, this Futuro House on Highway 276 became one of the many casualties.

#5: Museum Of Natural And Artificial Ephemerata

This place screams of uncertainty and twisted displays of weird animals or items. Owners Scott and Jen Webel take pride in housing different eclectic items such as stuffed kangaroo, a lock of Elvis Presley’s hair, a two-headed chick, and a cigarette butt last smoked by Marilyn Monroe.

With your visa esta, experience the culture and beauty of Texas.

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