5 Adrenaline-Filled Activities You Should Try In New Zealand

Are you in need of a thrill? Do you want to get out of your comfort zone? Secure that ETA New Zealand right away as the country boasts a lot of opportunities for breathtaking adventures. In the water, in the air, on the ground or below, there’s always an activity for the young and the young at heart. Here’s our selection of the things that will push you to your limits, depending on your adrenaline threshold!

#1 Skydiving

Regardless if your an adrenaline-seeker or simply a YOLO believer, skydiving should be on top of your bucket list. From a plane or a helicopter, jump out into the void and freefall from 4000 meters up. The actual fall may only last about 40 seconds to a minute, but that’s ample enough to relive Icarus’ dream. Not only that! Get captivated by the view of New Zealand’s breathtaking natural landscape! Incredible!

#2 Bungee Jumping

While we’re still on the aspects of heights, why not have your ankles trapped into a long bungee rope? Then, scuffle towards the edge of a cable-car ledge or a bridge, and jump headfirst into crisp air before plunging to the ground. Choose from different heights such as the 43m, 47m, and the heartstopping 134m and take that leap of faith!

#3 Jet Boating

Dash across turquoise waters. Wind through the stunning landscape of overlooking canyons and massive rocks while doing 360-degree turns at high speeds. Don’t miss jet boating down New Zealand’s scenic Shotover River in the Skipper’s Canyon and get that once-in-a-lifetime exhilarating experience!

#4 Mountain Biking

Mountain biking may seem softer than the three previous activities. But, bolting downhill on top of tree roots, rounds corners and uneven landscape leaving behind vast dust trails, there’s sure nothing soft about this activity.

#5 Canyon Swinging

Get ready to fill the canyon with echoes of screams of joy or terror! Be brave and have yourself strapped alone or go along with your best friend for a tandem ride. Then, be prepared to be let go backward, forward, or even upside down! Canyon swinging would surely give you that daring feeling!

If you’re eager to take the adventurous undertakings which the country has to offer, get that ETA New Zealand  New Zealand quick. Enjoy these adrenaline-filled activities and charge it to experience!