ESTA USA – Mistakes To Avoid


The ESTA USA Visa waiver program allows nationals of visa waiver program countries to travel to USA visa fee. This electronic system allows these nationals to travel without a visa but they still require an approved travel authorisation before travelling to US. Here’s a list of some of the common mistakes you should avoid while applying for ESTA USA visa waiver program.

One of the most common misconceptions is that nationals from the visa waiver countries do not need anything to travel to US and the authorisation is automatic. The truth is you need to apply for the ESTA before you travel to USA. In most cases, your application is approved within a few minutes. In case the application is denied, you are free to apply for the visa.

Keep in mind that under all circumstances, you need to apply for authorisation and cannot travel to US without the authorisation. However, this authorisation is valid for a period of two years which means you can continue travelling to US during the period for which you are authorisation has been approved.

You may be sent back in case you make any mistakes on your application such as providing wrongful passport information or wrong answers to other questions on the application. You also need to ensure that your passport does not expire while you are in the US. Also, if your status has changed once your ESTA has been approved, you need to revise it in order for authorisation to remain valid.

You also need to understand the importance of providing correct information on your ESTA application form. If you do not truthfully answer the questions regarding eligibility on your application, it may be considered a fraud, and in such cases, you may be permanently banned from entering the USA. So, make sure the information provided on your application form is absolutely correct.

If you are given an electronic travel authorisation, you are free to remain in the country for the period of up to 90 days and you can come back at a later date. However, there should be ample time between your departure and arrival again. In simple terms, you should not give an impression that you are trying to live in the country without obtaining proper authorisation.

Overall, these are some of the most common mistakes made by individuals when they travel under ESTA. You need to ensure that you do not make any of these mistakes in order to avoid denial of your application or any other issues in the future.

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The USA ESTA and Visa Free Travel


The ESTA is a travel authorisation that is issued by the US government to people who are eligible for visa-free travel to the country. The ESTA is issued electronically, and pre-verifies that people are eligible to travel to the United States for purposes that do not require a traditional visa.

People from the UK who wish to apply for an ESTA visa are required to have an electronic passport. Most people are likely to hold one of those passports now, as they have been available for a long time, however it is possible that someone whose passport is close to expiring may still hold one of the older, non e-passport designs.

E-passports feature an electronic chip which contains a record of the information that is also printed on the data page. These passports have security features that will prevent an unauthorised party from reading the data on the chip. E-passports can help to prevent identity theft, and make it easier and quicker for people to pass through immigration by having the passport scanned electronically.

Someone who holds an older passport will need to apply for one of the new designs before they apply for an USA ESTA. It is possible to apply for an ESTA even if you do not have travel plans in the immediate future. It is a good idea to do this if you expect that you will travel soon, because the ESTA will remain valid for more than one trip.

In most cases, the ESTA is authorised within minutes. There may be some things that would impact the approval process and delay the application even for someone who is eligible to receive an ESTA, however. This means that it is a good idea to apply early, just in case there are questions about your application or there is an issue that slows down the approval process.

If you are traveling to work, compete as a professional athlete or do journalism, or to stay for longer than the period permitted under the Visa Waiver Program then you will need a visa. If you are not sure if you would need a Visa, then you should contact the embassy in your country to confirm the requirements for your trip. They will be able to tell you what you need, and help you with the application process, or put your mind at rest that a visa is not needed for your stay.

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Facts To Learn About ESTA Visa Application


The United States has implemented new rules and policies since 2009 for its future visitors from other parts of the world. The Visa Waiver Program or VWP allows citizens of the participating countries to visit the US for business or tourism purposes for less than 90 days without getting a visa. Travelers need to apply for a travel authorization online using the ESTA Visa application before the trip.

Business or Tourist Visa

When traveling to the US under the Visa Waiver Program, extending your stay beyond ninety days is prohibited. Furthermore, changing your status to another category isn’t allowed as well. For tourists and business travelers who cannot use VWP and want to stay for more than 90 days, they should apply for a business visa (B10 or tourist visa (B2) prior to boarding the flight to the US.

The purpose of ESTA Visa is to identify if a person can visit the USA and distinguish if there are security risks and law enforcement to comply with. ESTA refers to Electronic System For Travel Authorization and works under VWP. This is not applicable for individuals who want to work or stay permanently in the US. In other words, ESTA is for all non-immigrant visitors for pleasure or business.

If it is your first time to obtain an ESTA, do not worry because the application process is simple and easy. The most important thing you should not forget is to provide accurate and complete details regarding your personal information. Otherwise, the US government will decline or delay your trip. To prevent yourself from committing errors on the online form, you should complete the form with your passport as the reference. Check even the smallest detail in your name, email address and phone number before submitting the online form to the authority.

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Quick Tips For Parking At Newark Airport

For all of us who travel on a frequent basis, we know how hard it can be to find good parking. Taking things one step further it can be next to impossible to find cheap parking. When it comes to parking at Newark airport, you may be best leaving your car in Atlantic City and taking a transit up! Of course, that is an extreme measure, but I know we all have felt that way one time or another.

How often have you been running late for a flight and needed a close parking spot but could not find one, even if you were willing to pay top dollar? It happens all the time. So, with this in mind, we are going to give you three tips to help you always find parking and keep it as cheap as possible.

One of the best tips we have for you is to find an off-site lot. While it may not sound as convenient as the actual terminal, the costs will be lower and spots can be found much easier.In fact, the further you get from the airport, the better the parking situation becomes. If you are worried about being so far from the airport, the vast majority of these off-site parking lots do offer shuttles to the airport as well as round-the-clock security. Your car will be safe and secure in the lot during your time away.

Another option you have for finding incredible deals is to scour the internet for monthly codes and coupons. For example, Groupon is one of the largest of such sites and has codes available on a regular basis for not only on-site parking but off-site locations as well. If your search shows up no results for any parking codes, simply widen the search parameters to include nearby areas. In many cases, the savings will be more than enough to justify the further distance from the airport.

If you happen to find yourself in a predicament and do not believe you will be able to find a parking spot at any account, you may just want to rent a car. This will allow you the opportunity to get tot he airport and simply leave the car with the rental car agency. Sometimes, drastic times mean drastic actions!

These are simple tips that will help you save money with parking at Newark airport. Hopefully you will be able to save not only money but time as weill with them.

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Make Sure You Have Your Kanada ETA Ready For Your Holiday

Kanada being is a gorgeous country with amazing places such as Angel Falls, Lake Huron and many other amazing places for you to visit or go have fun. Lake Huron is a great place for bird watching and fishing, then there’s Sun Peaks Resort which hosts a selection of music festivals, it’s also great for skiing and mountain biking. If you decide you want to visit either Kanada then you need to have a valid visa and passport to enter the country. This may be a travel visa or work visa depending on what you plan on doing over your stay. If you’re hoping to earn money you would need to apply for a work visa and have it accepted, however if you’re only hoping to visit the different areas and go sightseeing then you would only need to apply for a travel visa. When getting a visa you can now apply for an electronic travel organization, this is known as the Kanada ETA, this allows international visitors to enter Kanada.

To apply for this you will need to fill out a form online and then submit a payment, this should then be approved. This is a quick and easy process to stop any inconvenience. The traveler will then need to print the Kanada ETA so it’s ready for them checking into their flight. This visa will be valid for the next five years or until your passport expires, it allows you to return to Kanada as much as you want without reapplying whilst it’s valid. Citizens that are from countries exempt from visas will be able to apply for the Kanada ETA. Britain are the 2nd largest nationality that visit Kanada, therefore they have to apply for the Kanada ETA prior to boarding there flight to Kanada. To stop it from causing any issues or inconvenience the approval will be almost immediate. Many citizens from countries are eligible to apply for the visa this include citizens from Spain, Germany, France and Britain. When traveling to Kanada make sure that you have applied for the visa and printed it off before checking in for your flight to Kanada. Also remember that Kanada’s environment is important to them so take care of the area when you stay there, as you would expect the same from them. This visa makes travelling to Kanada so much easier for citizens and helps to make sure they have a better chance of enjoying their holiday.

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The Indian E-Visa


If you want to spend a few weeks traveling in India, the Indian e-visa is the easiest, most convenient option for you. Since 2002, the Indian government has been actively seeking to increase tourism to India with its Incredible India campaign. At the beginning of the campaign, however, prohibitive visa laws kept many from exploring that ancient, colorful, and captivating nation. Twelve years later, on November 27, 2014, the Indian government streamlined the visa process for residents of 40 different countries by introducing the Indian e-visa. In 2015, the list of eligible countries was expanded to 113, meaning that the majority of people in the world qualify for the simple visa as it is well known. Beware that there are specific extra requirements for some countries, so be sure to check out the official application for further details. For example, nationals of countries affected by yellow fever must carry a yellow fever vaccination card at their time of arrival as this is most important ever.


The e-visa requires a simple, online application. Visitors may apply for the visa a minimum of 4 days before the date of their arrival, but must arrive within 30 days of applying. The application requires a passport quality photo, a scanned copy of the photo page of your Passport, and personal details(including name, date of birth, nationality, passport expiration date, etc.). The non-refundable fee for the e-visa application depends on your country of origin, but the maximum fee is US $60. Beware, though, that because the fee is paid online to the Indian government, your bank may charge international payment fees as far as it is concerned.


Once you’ve emailed a copy of your e-visa documents, you must print them out and bring them with you on your flight. Once you arrive in India, officials will review the documents, take more information, and issue the official copy of the travel visa in your passport. The e-visa is only valid to land at 16 airports in India, so be sure to check the official list before you purchase your tickets. The list includes all major airports, like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, and Kolkota, as well as quite a few minor airports. Once you’ve arrived in India, the e-visa is valid for 30 days. Each person may only use an e-visa two times per calendar year, and the visa is single entry, non-extendable, non-convertible, and not valid for protected and restricted cantonment areas, like Jammu and Kashmir or Sikkim.

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Visit US with Your ESTA Visa


When planning for a trip to USA, there’s something new you should add to your checklist of what you should not forget before leaving your country. Apart from the dollars, the passport, and the “three Ts, that is, ticket, travel insurance, toothbrush, visitors from some countries still have to fill for ESTA form before they make their trip. For more, visit

What is ESTA?

The Electronic Systems for Travel Authorization-ESTA- is a web-based system utilized to establish the right of visitors to travel to the US. What it is not is an authorization to enter US. The final authority here rests with the Border Protection Officers at entry points and, of course, the good, old, Customs.

Is ESTA a Must?

Yes, it is. ESTA should be sought by all citizens of those countries which have signed up the VWP (Visa Waiver Program).

The program lets citizens of the participating countries to visit United States up to 90 days, without a visa. When you are from a participating country, you must have your ESTA application completed and approved prior to traveling to the US.

Why Was It Introduced In the First Place?

The United States Homeland Security-in the wake of the 9/11 terrorists attack-implemented to help in stopping undesirable people from VWP countries from setting their foot in America.

Presently, United States welcomes about 50 million individuals each year from these countries. Note: ESTA is not meant to limit tourism or commerce. It’s just to filter out those undesirables whose presence in the country is a potential threat to its security. So if you are not a security threat to the country, just go ahead and apply.

But How DO I Apply?

The only way you are going to apply is online. Visit ESTA website, and complete your application. So long as you possess a valid passport details, it should not take you more than some few hours to complete.

What Response Can I get?

You application is going to generate 3 responses:

Authorization Approved: You’re cleared to travel to US

Travel Not Authorized: You’re not cleared to travel to the United States, and should apply for paper travel visa at US Embassy or Consulate.

Authorization Pending: The application needs more time prior to a decision being made.

ESTA is Valid for How Long?

It is valid up to 2 years-less when your passport expires within 2 years-and permits for multiple entries of 90 days each. When you get a new passport during this two-year period, you should reapply for ESTA approval.

So there you are. Get your USA ESTA visa and you can come to enjoy all that US have to offer!

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Hotels in Manchester – Choose Pendulum

So you are planning your next family vacation and you have already decided which country it is that you want to visit this year. Manchester, England is known as the second largest city in the United Kingdom and is always buzz of activities to so there. Finding the right place to stay while you enjoy all that Manchester has to offer is equally as important as planning what it is that you are going to do?

There are many factors to take into consideration when looking to choose a hotel in Manchester. Are you planning to rent a car? What activities do you wish to do while there? Do you want to be in close proximity to restaurants or do you want to be out on the countryside?

Every guest has different needs when looking to book into a hotel and Manchester offers choice in every area you look to choose from. Before you begin to search for a hotel it is important that you want in a hotel and what you can afford to pay for.hotel-manchester

Manchester offers hotels ranging from less than $100 to as high as $600 a night. Do you want a space located in the more immediate town hall area where you are in close proximity to all the bars and local restaurants? This way you will not have to rent a car to do what you want to do you have the option of just walking a few blocks down the road and if you are planning to go to bar and drinking finding a hotel close to the town hall may be the better option for you.

Maybe you are planning to go to Manchester for a more educational vacation and looking to visit some museums and traditional theatres. Look for hotels with the area spinning field to the northern quarter. Within this large span is where the majority of Manchester major attractions are located. No matter where in this area you are able to find a hotel there is an attraction just foot steps away.

If you are looking to do some shopping while in Manchester aim to stay at a hotel that is within the Lowry area. It may seem as if it offers the least amount of shopping but other areas of Manchester offer mostly small shops and farmers markets. The Lowry is one of the few places that offers an outlet mall which will give you assess to your favourite stores.

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